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MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL with Complex Carbs and Proteins

Rs. 4,399.00 Rs. 2,690.00
MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL with Complex Carbs and Proteins

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL with Complex Carbs and Proteins

Rs. 4,399.00 Rs. 2,690.00

The MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL with Complex Carbs and Proteins is a premium nutritional supplement meticulously designed to support individuals striving to achieve their muscle-building and weight gain goals. Packed with an impressive blend of complex carbohydrates and high-quality proteins, this Mass Gainer offers a comprehensive approach to fueling your body for optimal growth and recovery.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Formula: MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL is formulated using cutting-edge nutritional science, ensuring that each serving provides a well-balanced combination of essential nutrients.

  2. Rich in Complex Carbs: This Mass Gainer is a potent source of complex carbohydrates derived from various sources. Complex carbs supply a sustained release of energy, helping to fuel intense workouts and prevent energy crashes.

  3. High-Quality Proteins: The inclusion of high-quality proteins, such as whey and casein, aids in muscle repair and growth. These proteins are rapidly absorbed to initiate immediate recovery and are also slow-digesting, ensuring a prolonged release of amino acids for ongoing muscle support.

  4. Optimal Caloric Support: With a precise caloric content, MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL assists in meeting your increased energy requirements, fostering the ideal environment for muscle gain and overall development.

  5. Enhanced Muscle Recovery: The blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and essential nutrients assists in post-workout recovery, reducing muscle soreness and promoting quicker healing of micro-tears in muscle fibers.

  6. Comprehensive Vitamin and Mineral Profile: The supplement is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to overall well-being and aid in metabolic processes vital for muscle growth.

  7. Delicious Flavors: MuscleBlaze understands the importance of taste, offering a range of delectable flavors that make consuming this Mass Gainer a delightful experience.

  8. Customizable Servings: Depending on your goals and requirements, the serving size can be adjusted, allowing you to tailor your intake for optimal results.

  9. Ideal for Hard Gainers: Individuals struggling to gain weight due to a fast metabolism or other factors can benefit from the caloric density of this Mass Gainer, helping them surpass their weight gain plateaus.

  10. Easy to Use: Mixing effortlessly with water or milk, MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL creates a smooth and creamy shake that is convenient to consume on-the-go or after a workout.


The MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL with Complex Carbs and Proteins is an advanced nutritional supplement designed to provide essential nutrients for muscle growth, recovery, and overall well-being. With its potent blend of complex carbs and high-quality proteins, this Mass Gainer stands as an effective ally in your journey to achieve a more muscular and healthier physique. Whether you

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