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GNC AMP Plant Isolate | Protein and Fitness

Rs. 2,699.00 Rs. 2,379.00
GNC AMP Plant Isolate | Protein and Fitness

GNC AMP Plant Isolate | Protein and Fitness

Rs. 2,699.00 Rs. 2,379.00

Description: GNC AMP Plant Isolate is a cutting-edge protein supplement designed to support fitness enthusiasts and athletes on their journey to peak performance. This plant-based protein powder is specially formulated to provide a high-quality protein source, essential for muscle recovery, growth, and overall fitness goals. Whether you are following a plant-based diet or simply seeking a cleaner protein option, GNC AMP Plant Isolate offers a superior solution to fuel your active lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • Plant-Based Protein: GNC AMP Plant Isolate is derived from premium plant sources, making it an ideal choice for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone looking for an alternative to animal-based proteins.

  • High Protein Content: Each serving of GNC AMP Plant Isolate delivers a powerful punch of protein to support muscle repair and growth, with minimal carbohydrates and fats.

  • Rich in Essential Amino Acids: This protein supplement is carefully crafted to contain a complete amino acid profile, including all nine essential amino acids crucial for overall health and muscle recovery.

  • No Artificial Ingredients: GNC AMP Plant Isolate is free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, ensuring you get a clean and pure protein experience.

How to Use: Using GNC AMP Plant Isolate is easy and convenient, making it a seamless addition to your daily fitness routine. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure: Add one scoop of GNC AMP Plant Isolate to a shaker cup or blender.

  2. Mix: Pour 8 to 10 ounces of cold water or your favorite plant-based milk into the shaker cup or blender.

  3. Blend/Shake: Close the lid of the shaker cup or secure the blender lid tightly. Shake vigorously or blend until the powder is fully dissolved.

  4. Enjoy: Once the protein powder is mixed to a smooth consistency, your delicious and nutritious plant-based protein shake is ready to enjoy. Consume post-workout to aid in muscle recovery or as a protein-rich snack throughout the day.

Ingredients: GNC AMP Plant Isolate is made with carefully selected, high-quality plant-based ingredients to provide you with the best protein source. The main ingredients include:

  • Pea Protein Isolate: Derived from yellow peas, this protein source is rich in essential amino acids and has a high bioavailability, supporting muscle growth and repair.

  • Brown Rice Protein: Sourced from whole grain brown rice, this protein complements the amino acid profile of pea protein, offering a complete and balanced protein blend.

  • Natural Flavors: GNC AMP Plant Isolate is flavored with natural extracts to provide a delicious taste without artificial additives.

  • Stevia Extract: A natural, zero-calorie sweetener derived from the stevia plant, ensuring the protein powder is palatable without added sugars.

  • Xanthan Gum: A plant-based thickening agent that contributes to the smooth texture of the protein shake.

Caution: As with any dietary supplement, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting a new supplementation regimen, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medication.

With GNC AMP Plant Isolate, you can elevate your fitness journey and achieve your goals with a clean, plant-based protein source that nourishes your body and supports your active lifestyle.

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